Dog Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter


When we love our dogs, we cannot resist the temptation of giving them multiple pet names and the dog in this story is definitely beloved by his adopted family. As a result, he has been dubbed the Meatster, Meaty and even McMeat.


Ever since he joined his new family after spending time at a Central Valley, California animal shelter, he’s known nothing but love and his infectious smile has brightened the day of everyone that he comes across.

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The pitbull’s official name might be Meatball, but he is rarely called by his official name, if ever. However, up until his rescue, he was just like every other animal living in a shelter, wondering when his number would be up.

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Like all other dogs that reside in shelter, he was closing in on an untimely end. Fresno Bully Rescue posted a photo of him online, in hopes of drumming up interest in his adoption and he caught the eye of a woman by the name of Lisa Reilly, who noted that the dog looked just like her own pooch (who was named Kitty) that had recently passed away.

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When she went to visit Meaty for the very first time, she found him laying out in the baking sun. She also found out that he was quite needy, as most shelter dogs are. But thanks to the great people at Fresno Bully Rescue, the dog received all of the nursing that he needed from the first time Lisa laid eyes on him, up until the first time she brought him home.

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The dog’s thirst for attention shows up most when a camera is produced, as the pup goes into full on “look at me! look at me!” mode. Once Meaty joined the rest of his new family, star mode was activated, as the pooch simply wanted to make sure that he was getting his fair share of attention.


Meaty even accompanies his new police officer dad to work from time to time and criminals are sure to think twice before they tangle with a crime fighting dog like our good friend McMeat, that is for sure!


To see more of the amazing adventures of Meaty, be sure to check out all of this hilarious and adorable photos. If you know someone who is having a bad day and is in need of a pick me up, take time out to pass this story along and brighten their day.

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