Dog Had Been Hanging On In The Water For 16 Hours When They Finally Found Him


Everyone knows about the devastating floods rushing through Louisiana. 2016 has been a record year for rainfall within the state. In fact flooding began around August 12th. An immediate flood emergency was issued but since that time, more waters have taken over the southern parts of the state. People are beside themselves—not knowing what to do. What about the animals?


Although you’ll hear about families and single people facing the disasters of nature, you rarely hear about the animals that go through the same arduous situations with little to no help. That’s exactly what rescuer Mike Anderson thought. He was one of the public who wondered what happened to pets that were caught up in difficult situations. What happened when owners were unable to rescue their pets?


The cold truth is that when owners aren’t able to rescue their pets, they are left behind. They are left to fend for themselves and find their own way. Some owners hope to return to find their beloved pets. Some owners don’t have the resources to return. Some owners are too distraught to even consider returning at all. It leaves pets in the most difficult of situations.


Pets can’t understand what is happening. All they know is that they are in a scary situation and have to survive. That’s what animals are—survivors. Mike Anderson knows that and he decided to dedicate his time to helping those little survivors get through turmoil. One by one, in Baton Rouge, Anderson has made it his life goal to rescue dogs that are caught up in the flooding. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of pets that fall into that category.


Mike, along with a friend Darrell, are currently scouring the city looking for pets that were separated from their homes and families. Many were found stranded in water. Some were on rooftops and others were clinging to floating debris. They found all types of dogs- labs, pit bulls, mutts. Any dog that possibly survived, was a target of both Mike and Darrell. They wanted to save the animals and bring them to a safe place for recovery.

It was a challenging mission that is still going on. They are determined though. Just as determined as the pets they are locating. One pet even hung on to debris for 16-hours waiting for someone to come rescue him. So far these two amazing heroes have saved 100 pets from the murky flood water. They are still working hard to bring more pets in to safety.

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