This Dog Escaped The Houston Floods, Thanks To A Helpful News Crew


When the Houston floods took place, a number of citizens were chased from their homes and displaced, but few stopped to think about their pets in their mad dash to escape. As a result, a variety of animals were left to fend for themselves against the raging waters.


The dog that you are about to meet in this clip was left chained to the front porch of her home and while her owners did not care enough take her with them when they fled the premises, a selfless news crew would soon arrive to document the damages and provide the animal with some much needed assistance.

Thanks to this concerned news crew, the dog was able to receive a helping hand. Watching this dog flail helplessly in the flood waters is a heartbreaking moment and we are truly grateful for all of the people in the world who are willing to put their own thoughts and concerns to the side and offer care to animals who are in desperate need.

We can’t even begin to fathom the level of feat that this dog experienced when she realized that she had been left behind by the people who are supposed to love and care for her the most. As you can tell by the look on the dog’s face when she is finally carried to safety by the news crew, she is over the moon and beyond grateful for the help she’s receiving.

Stories like these serve as a valuable reminder that the world is still filled with great people who are more than happy to help animals who are in need. While stories like the one the dog in this clip experienced are all too common, there will always be a multitude of animal lovers who are ready, willing and able to assist beleaguered pets who are in need, at a moment’s notice.

Best of all, the dog’s story went viral after the amazing rescue took place and according to reports, the animal is going to be given an new home. Hopefully, her new family shows her far more love and consideration than her old one, who should be highly ashamed of their actions.

Be sure to pass this incredible story along to your friends and family members, so that they can appreciate this amazing animal’s astonishing resilience. Let’s raise awareness so that no more pets have to suffer such a fate.

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