The Dog Approaches The Doll And Does Something So Adorable It Hurts!


Our canine companions really don’t ask us for all that much, do they? All they need from us is food, shelter, love and for us to play with them every once in a while. The dog in this clip has a very reasonable request and he is not happy with the “human” who refuses to pay him any sort of mind.

When the dog walks up to the couch and puts down his toy, he does so with such conviction, you’ll find it hard not to laugh. It is as if he is the one who expects to be obeyed and not the other way around. Perhaps he’s getting a little too big for his britches? Either way, the “human” sitting on the couch is completely nonplussed by his request and doesn’t flinch an inch.

For the dog, this is the absolute last straw. He lets the person know that he does not care for their insolence and begins to bark at them. While we do not speak the language of dogs as fluently as we might like, a translator might tell you that the pup had more than a few choice words for this “human”.
This interaction went on for so long, the dog’s sibling even came over to investigate. However, the other animal did not seem to be as concerned about the situation and quickly departed the scene. As for the original instigator, he is still barking away, loudly and proudly. He doesn’t care about being wrong and while he has yet to figure out the secret behind this “human”, he does not show much interest in learning.

After watching the sibling struggle to grasp what is going on for a few more moments, the other dog comes back and watching the two stare at the person on the couch is a moment for the ages. Their inquisitive eyes are boring holes into them and the idea that someone might not want to hop up off the couch and play fetch is more than they are able to fathom.

If you’d like to find out what this person’s problem was and why they wouldn’t play with the pup, be sure to watch this video in its complete entirety. We definitely admire this dog’s tenacity and commitment to getting what they want and you will, too. Once the clip has concluded, take a moment to share it with your closest friends and family members.

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