At Last, The Wire Is Broken… The Dog Is Free


Recently, a shelter in Karditsa, Greece recalled a tragic situation that involved a dog tied with a life-long wire around its neck. According to the accounts rendered by this animal rescuer, Ermioni, there are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in the city which needed to be cared for. In the whole of Greece, it is assumed that this whole population has reached its millions.


Paris – the stray dog with a wire tied around its neck – had been living in severe pains for quite a long time. According to Ermioni, this wire had been tied around its neck right from when it was a baby. This statement seemed to be true when a deep whole was revealed right under its truth which was believed to have been caused by the wire knot.

Since Paris had carried this wire since infancy, it is obvious that it had suffered severe malnutrition coupled with the pain around its neck. The dog was looking pale, weak and thin – it was certainly malnourished. Further discovery revealed that the wire had eaten deep into the neck of the dog to the extent of creating a hole that went right into its trachea. Certainly, no animal can grow fat under this kind of situation as it would be very difficult to eat and drink.

Catching Paris was never an easy thing to do. When the dog was found, it was difficult to get hold of it because it was sore afraid of people. It took its rescuers hours to catch it before it was finally taken to the vet for medical assistance.

Paris must have been feeling quite a lot of pain for a long time. The wire tied around its neck was so tight to the extent that it could not even breath. When Paris was found, he was all bone and skin because it could barely eat due to the firmness of the wire tied around its neck.

Obviously, Paris knew it needed to be cared for. During surgery, it patiently waited on the doctors to treat it without struggling. At last, with the success of the surgery, Paris can now eat and drink without feeling any pain. It is an act it loved doing and could hardly stop.

Now Paris prefers to eat all the time because it loves food. To this end, it is rapidly gaining weight- now about 42 kilos.

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