A Couple Of Birds Are Being Interviewed When They Start Singing A Familiar Tune


Did you ever wonder what parrots would sing if they were let in front of a microphone on Fox Channel 32 news? Some people don’t know exactly what parrots can do. The birds have a mysterious history to them. They are birds, after all, but sometimes come up with the finest songs that you have ever heard! How can birds sound just like humans singing? This video shows them doing just that—and entertaining the human show host and all of the viewers at home amazed at the birds’ talents!


The truth is that parrots have unique characteristics that include quite a few characteristics. They include that curved bill, clawed feet and strong legs. They also can be brightly colored. Some are plain brown and some are exotic flashes of yellow and bright blue. Some have the crest on their heads. Whatever their look, they are striking birds. It’s odd that they lay white eggs, but come out with some of the most bold and dashing colors anyone will ever see in a bird!

What sets them apart though and makes them so beloved is their ability to mimic song. Parrots, along with crows, jays, magpies and ravens have the ability to replicate human voice stylings. This is the defining aspect of the birds. Research has shown that some parrots are intelligent enough and capable enough to learn speech at the level of a 4-to-5 year old child. This is definitely what makes them so unique and a favorite pet among millions of pet lovers.

If you watch the two parrots in this video, you’ll love what you see! Not only are they visually appealing, but they truly show off their amazing talents. The birds are a lovely green color with bright yellow head plumage. One even turns around to showcase his red under-feathers. These birds are not just talented, but also beautiful. It’s no wonder why so many people love to bring them into their homes.

What is truly a sight though is when the charismatic duo bursts into song, directly into the microphone. They take over the show with their tunes and amazing harmony. They begin their performance with a little “La CucaRacha” and harmonize better than some professionals!

At the human request, they move into some “Old McDonald”. It’s probably their “ee-ii-ee-ii-oo” that will get you. If that doesn’t, listening them quacking mid-song will. Watch this video to see just how amazing these colorful birds are!

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