A Comic About Dogs Is Making People All Over The Internet Cry


It would have been wonderful if animals could talk. Imagine how nice it would be if your dog could talk like a human being. Life would have been a whole lot better. Right now, humans guess what their pets are trying to say by their actions but their guesses are sometimes very wrong.


Sometimes pets are like babies. Neither of them can really express himself or herself. The worst part is when your dog is ill. He writhes and whimpers in agony that could have been relieved if he could only express himself in clear terms.

But since dogs can’t talk, you can only do a guess work until you are able to figure out what the problem is. This is why pediatricians and vet doctors should earn higher than other doctors. Their patients can’t talk. This makes diagnosis very difficult. And diagnosis is twice as important as the treatment itself

But wait a minute. Think deeply, if your dog or your pet could talk, can you guess what he would say? Well, someone put his own into words and posted it on twitter and he struck some emotional chords as the post will bring you close to tears.

From the posts, it could be sensed that his dog is old and may be a little ill as the posted comic included visiting the clinic. According to the series of comic, the dog wished he could talk to his owner. He wished he could thank him for everything.

If you now visualize the situation that could make a dog think that way, you will begin to shed tears. You will realize that not being able to talk is suffering. According to the comic, the dog wished he could remind his owner of all the fun they had together and all the great adventures they have gone for.

What will strike you most is when it dawns on you that in reality, the dog would have found himself in such situation several times. And every dog encounters such pensive situation. When you go through the post, it sure will not only make you cry, it will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog more. You will get to love your dog more.


Words cannot really describe the emotions generated by the post. Just go through it and don’t forget to share it.

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