Come Get To Know Thor, An Incredible Bengal Cat With Striking Fur


Cats are some of the most beautiful creatures on this planet and their unique features make them very photogenic. The cat that you are about to meet has a very unique appearance and this Bengal has the sort of piercing gaze that can stare deep into your soul and well beyond it.


This cat’s name is Thor and those emerald green eyes make him one of the most distinctive felines that we have ever seen. Once you catch a glimpse of these eyes and the way that they contrast with his gorgeous sandy fur, you won’t be able to look away from him. Some of you might even be wondering if these pictures are real.

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He almost looks too good to be true, as we have never seen an animal look this perfect before. His spots cover his entire body, even the tummy! This cat could not look any more majestic if he tried to and we find ourselves wondering if there is a kitty kingdom somewhere that it is missing its supreme ruler.


Judging from the online reaction to his photos (which immediately went viral), we are not the only ones who are truly smitten by this amazing cat. Rani Cucicov, the cat’s owner, has even gone so far as to say that he views himself as Thor’s servant and that they spend their days waiting for him to open his mighty mouth and dictate his whims.

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Catering to the wishes of a regal feline like Thor does come with certain rewards, though. According to Ravi, Thor is sure to lavish his servants with plenty of attention and love in return for all the love and care that they provide him with. He is a benevolent ruler and whenever he decides to make a request, his humans are more than happy to comply.

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Thor is an active talker and he also makes sure to get plenty of exercise, but when his humans do not immediately respond to his requests, he’s been known to get a little bit peeved. While he can be difficult to put to bed, since he is much like a small child during this time of day, he also serves a valuable guard cat, giving all visitors a good once over before letting them pass.

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This amazing cat needs to be shared with a wider audience, so be sure to pass along Thor’s amazing story to your friends and family members as soon as possible.


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