Check Out This Astonishing Whale Rescue


One of the joys of heading out into the high seas is the strong sense of unpredictability. You simply never know what can happen when you are spending time in open water, as the crew in this video would soon learn. They were given a unique opportunity to help out a sea creature who was in desperate need of assistance and if not for their timely arrival, the animal faced an uncertain fate.


The crew in the clip came across a humpback whale during their travels and when the whale first stuck her eye up out of the water to check out her new friends, they had no idea what to expect. Within a few moments, the truth became all too clear: the animal had become entangled in a crab net.

If they did not help her, there is no telling what would have happened. The first step to helping her was to calm her down and reassure her. The eye of the whale followed the crew and assessed their intentions. When she became confident that the men on the boat wanted to provide her with the assistance she needed, she became much more calm.

The whale was attached to a 3,000 pound anchor and tangled in crab nets. Even an animal of this size and power was completely helpless to free herself. The crew set about the arduous task of removing the crab nets from the whale, grabbing rope and cutting it at a prodigious pace. Some of the ropes were cutting directly into the blubber and the marks went several inches deep. We cannot even imagine the amount of suffering that this whale experienced.

Even though the procedure was painful, the whale remained extremely cooperative throughout the process. The animal had an innate understanding that the men were there to help. She put her trust in them and she was rewarded handsomely as a result. If you would like to find out more about this astonishing humpback whale rescue, then be sure to watch this clip in its full entirety so that you can truly appreciate the efforts of these brave and selfless men.

Did you enjoy this video as much as we did? Then be sure to share it with your friends and family members as soon as possible, so that we can raise awareness about the dangers of commercial fishing. Animals like the humpback in this video should never be made to suffer like this.

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