This Cat’s Trip To The Dog Show Is Something Else


While most consider cats and dogs to be mortal enemies, forever locked in a battle for pet supremacy, they are actually able to get along much more easily than people realize. The Bengal cat that we are about to meet was taken to a dog show and believe it or not, very little drama ensued.


This kitty (who is named Boomer, by the way) is quite curious and he is clearly having a good time and making a bunch of new friends. The dogs that he meets seem to be a little bit confused as to why a cat is at their show, but they are mostly nonplussed by his presence.

The first dog that Boomer meets is a friendly sort, he’s so excited to meet the Bengal cat, he almost bumps his nose on the camera. For the cat’s part, he is as friendly as can be and has zero reticence about walking right up to this array of pups.

Some of the dogs seem to be afraid of the cat, a concept that is almost too hilarious to fathom. When the cute little Bengal cat strolls right up to an even smaller poodle, the tiny dog backs away in a manner that will have you giggling. Seeing all of these dogs come face to face with their supposed nemesis and become a part of his amazing adventure is a hilarious, yet touching, sight.

One of the dogs even decides to accept a tentative lick on the head from the kitty. Some of the other dogs attempt to roughhouse with the Bengal instead. For the most part, the pups keep their interactions with the kitty brief, sniffing the Bengal and deciding that Boomer poses no serious threat to their show.

Boomer’s adventures are certainly worth a watch, as he meets a whopping 50 dogs over the course of his journey. Those who were expecting tempers to flare and the fur to fly have got another think coming. Boomer’s trip to the dog show proves that cats and dogs have a greater ability to get along than they are typically given credit for.

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