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A Pet Store Replaced All Of Its Animals With Rescues For Just One Day

Every day, many animal shelters in the country continue to receive an endless stream of neglected, abandoned and stray animals. To this end, virtually every good home established to take them in, has been outnumbered. One of the major causes of this problem is the runaway animal birth rate. Unfortunately, no one is ready to

26 photos that prove dogs love children unconditionally

Generally, dog’s love toward man is immeasurable. You will not really know how loving they are except you own one. These are loyal animals that will always want to be at their owners’ side, through thick and thin. This canine love also extends to human babies. Dogs are pretty well known to feel for these

323 Reindeer Die In A Single Moment When Lightning Strikes

It was a terrible time of horrific lightning during a storm that was reported to have occurred in the central region of Norway this past Friday that about three hundred and twenty three reindeer were discovered to have died in unison when they were all struck by massive surges of lightning at the same time.

We’ve Taken A Dog From An Animal Shelter (Personal Experience)

Bird Born, the illustrator who is based in Moscow, creates comics about human-like cats. This time, he tried something new. He adopted a black dog, and the experienced moved him to illustrate his unique experience in a way he knows best. He and his wife took a dog from an animal shelter and even though

10 week old homeless puppy with a broken hip has found hope

His name is Maverick, and he is a 10 week old homeless puppy with a broken hip. One day his sister and him were found in the middle of the streets by some good humble people. Soon the puppies were sent at Vet Ranch where they would receive their first medical help. After getting checked

Steve-O goes to jail for Seaworld Orcas

All he was trying to do was helping the poor creatures at Seaworld. He is really against all the conditions, and the cruelty Orcas face on a daily basis in Seaworld. He wanted to make justice for these creatures so he decided to climb a crane to protest SeaWorld’s treatment of ocras. Once he reached

Salamander more than 200-years old was found in Chinese cave

Salamanders are sometimes described as “a living fossil,” and if you look closely to the largest amphibian in the world, it is easy to understand why they are considered that.  The giant Chinese giant salamander is rarely seen in the wild today, and it has been considered an endangered animal. The thing is that last week

Mishka and Laika are back again, and they are funnier than ever.

Do you guys know Mishka and Laika? If not then you should definitely watch their hilarious videos on youtube. Mishka has been famous for a while now. She became famous from the video when she says “I LOVE YOU.” Everyone got crazy after her, and ever since Mishka is on different videos for fun. The

So, here is what wild animals do when we are not watching. LOL

I have never thought that something like this would be possible to watch. I have never thought that people could be able to “stalk” the private life of wild animals. Recently these pictures have gone viral because everyone has been amazed by the idea of “stalking” wild animals in their own house. The following pictures

This is the animal that dies for your Canadian Goose Jacket

“Coyotes are not lucky enough to get a lot of love, even from some otherwise caring pet owners. Canada Goose, an outerwear company that has become insanely popular in the past few years, traps and skins coyotes to use their fur for lining. Their customers — including dog lovers like Emma Stone, proud mom to a rescue golden retriever— don’t

Baby Tiger Drugged And Dragged Around Casino — Just For Fun

This poor baby tiger was dragged around the casino just of please the visitors. This sad, cruel story took place last month in the opening ceremony of a casino in Russia! The the ritzy Tigre de Cristal casino wanted to make a huge impact during its opening, so they thought that buying a baby tiger to