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Puppy Thrown From A Truck Is Getting Healed One Hug At A Time

The idea that someone could willfully hurt an animal is almost too much for us to bear and when we first heard about the story of a puppy who was hurled from a moving vehicle in South Carolina, we could not even begin to fathom the level of cruelty that would cause someone to behave

This Budweiser 9/11 Commercial Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

When you think of America, one of the images that most commonly comes to mind are the Budweiser Clydesdales. They are an iconic piece of our culture, woven into the very fabric of our society. Whether you are a beer drinker or more of the tee-totaling type, you will recognize these famous horses anywhere. Budweiser’s

Loving Animals So Much It Hurts Is An Actual Condition

When it comes to the issue of loving an animal enough to feel physical pain, Alyssa Krieger has a unique perspective on the topic. She runs the MSPCA-Angell shelter, located in Massachusetts and sees her volunteers coming and going on a regular basis. The burden of caring for shelter animals can be difficult to carry

This Cat Guided A Lost Man Down A Mountain In Switzerland

While dogs tend to get all of the credit for being the world’s best rescue animals, one cat has decided to step up and change this perception once and for all. A Reddit user by the name of sc4s2cg got lost during a trip to Switzerland as he was hiking in an abandoned town. The

Mom Shares Heartbreaking Moments With Dog Before Putting Her Down

Dogs are more than just “man’s best friend” they are loyal companions with a heart of gold. They spend their lives looking after their companions and adding color to their lives. If you have had a dog who has spent their life with you, it will be tough to let go. However, the inevitable must

A Comic About Dogs Is Making People All Over The Internet Cry

It would have been wonderful if animals could talk. Imagine how nice it would be if your dog could talk like a human being. Life would have been a whole lot better. Right now, humans guess what their pets are trying to say by their actions but their guesses are sometimes very wrong. Sometimes pets

A Baby Elephant Was Rejected By The Herd, But Watch Who Shows Up…

The baby elephant whose name is Ubuntu or as his loving carers call him, Elle, was rescued and taken to the Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. This sanctuary was formed specifically for abandoned and orphaned Rhinos who are victims of poachers. The mothers are killed for their horns and

She Looks Into Her Dog’s Eyes, And What Follows Has Me In Tears

Dogs are part of the family and share the moments of joy and also of sadness. The loss of a pet can be felt by everyone, regardless of age, genre or culture. Depression, loneliness, guilt, lack of appetite, lack of pleasure, feeling of emptiness are often experienced after the death of a beloved one. Few