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10 Hilarious Signs You’re THAT Dog Parent

“Off the Leash” is a new and hilarious cartoon strip that follows the true life of a dog owner! Created by Rupert Fawcett, the cartoon takes an everyday look at what insiders already know- people love their dogs. Fawcett confirmed his devotion to the cartoon by stating that he uses his imagination and keen observations

We’ve Taken A Dog From An Animal Shelter (Personal Experience)

Bird Born, the illustrator who is based in Moscow, creates comics about human-like cats. This time, he tried something new. He adopted a black dog, and the experienced moved him to illustrate his unique experience in a way he knows best. He and his wife took a dog from an animal shelter and even though

Duck Waddles Onto The Porch Out Of Nowhere To Cheer Up A Sad Dog

Some time ago, a pooch named George lost his closest companion whom he had known for 12 years. His companion was a Labrador retriever named Blackie. Ever since the death of his friend, George lost his reason for joy and had never been the same. George’s owner, Jacquie Litton, said that he was overcome with

A Comic About Dogs Is Making People All Over The Internet Cry

It would have been wonderful if animals could talk. Imagine how nice it would be if your dog could talk like a human being. Life would have been a whole lot better. Right now, humans guess what their pets are trying to say by their actions but their guesses are sometimes very wrong. Sometimes pets

Adorable Dog Wants To Be Wrapped In A Blanket

Dogs are the only animals who love to burrow in blankets, and it is believed that they do so to display their heritage of driving small animals away from their homes by burrowing. Pet experts also believe that dogs are denning creatures, and it is instinctive to them to relax or sleep in a small

10 Reasons why Pit-Bulls are such amazing companions and pets

Everyone keeps thinking that Pit-Bulls are dangerous dogs. They think that all these dogs do is fight, bite, or attack. But the truth is, that is a big giant misunderstanding. Whoever has a Pit-Bull totally agrees that they are not dangerous, nor do they pose any threat to the others. Pit-Bulls are such amazing pets

This dog is asking for more food in the cutest way possible

Whoever has a dog already knows that dogs love three things more than anything else. They absolutely love their family endlessly, they love to take walks and be outside as much as possible, and last but not least they love FOOD. Yeap folks dogs love foods so much. If you have a dog then you

These Bulldogs are just too hilarious to miss. LOL

Have you ever noticed that Bulldogs are really funny? Their body makes them look even funnier. Not to mention that cute adorable face of theirs. Personally I have never had a bulldog. Nor have I ever had any contact with a Bulldog, but they look really awesome. For all of you who don’t know what

Mishka and Laika are back again, and they are funnier than ever.

Do you guys know Mishka and Laika? If not then you should definitely watch their hilarious videos on youtube. Mishka has been famous for a while now. She became famous from the video when she says “I LOVE YOU.” Everyone got crazy after her, and ever since Mishka is on different videos for fun. The

10 Cats Who’re So Fluffy It’s Unreal. And Unfair.

Do you guys like fluffy cats? If yes then you should prepare yourself because you are about to watch some of the fluffiest cats you will ever see on Internet. These 10 cats are so fluffy I can’t believe they are real. Their fur is just too soft, long, and perfect.  I would stay all