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Puppy Thrown From A Truck Is Getting Healed One Hug At A Time

The idea that someone could willfully hurt an animal is almost too much for us to bear and when we first heard about the story of a puppy who was hurled from a moving vehicle in South Carolina, we could not even begin to fathom the level of cruelty that would cause someone to behave

This Tiny Hamster With Broken Arm Will Make You Go “Aww”

In Russia, a veterinary clinic got handed a super tiny hamster with a broken arm. This little fellow had his arm reset and the vet gave him what may well be the world’s tiniest cast. When this story along with a photo broke, it immediately went viral with concerned viewers all over the world expressing

Dog Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since He Was Rescued From A Shelter

When we love our dogs, we cannot resist the temptation of giving them multiple pet names and the dog in this story is definitely beloved by his adopted family. As a result, he has been dubbed the Meatster, Meaty and even McMeat. Ever since he joined his new family after spending time at a Central

Dog Had Been Hanging On In The Water For 16 Hours When They Finally Found Him

Everyone knows about the devastating floods rushing through Louisiana. 2016 has been a record year for rainfall within the state. In fact flooding began around August 12th. An immediate flood emergency was issued but since that time, more waters have taken over the southern parts of the state. People are beside themselves—not knowing what to

Owners Refuse To Pay $20 Fee To Get Their Dog Out Of The Shelter

The following video is about the dog that no one wanted. Jake is his name and he was born blind. He’s an adorable dog, part Pomeranian but probably a mutt. Jake was found wandering aimlessly around the streets of Los Angeles. Because of having no sight, he was having a difficult time maneuvering. He was

Puppy Found Buried Alive In 6 Inches Of Dirt Finally Feels Love

Tucker was just a normal puppy. An unknown owner decided that they did not want Tucker. The person buried the seven-day-old dog. The execution was foiled by alert policemen from Williston, Florida who heard pitiful little yips coming from a newly dug mound of dirt. The story invokes an analogy to Lazarus rising from the

Hendrix The Scared Homeless Dog Learns To Love And Trust Again

It is not uncommon these days to see many homeless dogs roaming the streets of Los Angeles. These dogs are forced to live in fear struggling to survive. Without a warm home with loving owners to care for these stray dogs and teach them about love, the become scared of the world. Hope for Paws

What A Miracle! Dumped And Forsaken Dog Recovers From Cold

Those who found her in Northern California could not believe their eyes. What on earth would a tiny looking dog as this be doing in a McDonald’s dumpster? Obviously, the future of the little dog was not looking so bright in any way. This pup was thrown out like garbage with another dog. Not even

Check Out This Astonishing Whale Rescue

One of the joys of heading out into the high seas is the strong sense of unpredictability. You simply never know what can happen when you are spending time in open water, as the crew in this video would soon learn. They were given a unique opportunity to help out a sea creature who was

At Last, The Wire Is Broken… The Dog Is Free

Recently, a shelter in Karditsa, Greece recalled a tragic situation that involved a dog tied with a life-long wire around its neck. According to the accounts rendered by this animal rescuer, Ermioni, there are hundreds of thousands of stray dogs in the city which needed to be cared for. In the whole of Greece, it

Horses Rescued During A Flood In Texas

As the torrential rains covered the Houston area, resulting in floods rescue workers, race to save dozens of horses who were stranded in the water at the Cypress Trail Horse Stables. The torrential rains caused the creeks and rivers to rise and also prevented the low-lying town’s drainage system from removing the water quickly enough

A Baby Elephant Was Rejected By The Herd, But Watch Who Shows Up…

The baby elephant whose name is Ubuntu or as his loving carers call him, Elle, was rescued and taken to the Fundimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in Kwazulu Natal in South Africa. This sanctuary was formed specifically for abandoned and orphaned Rhinos who are victims of poachers. The mothers are killed for their horns and

Rescued Puppy Gets The Life He Deserves

Pets are abandoned too often all over the world, in the United States alone, four million pets are abandoned yearly. A lot of these pets are abandoned because of illness or lack of space. Shelters receive a lot of animals annually, and some of these pets have to be put down due to extreme illness