Cat was caught barking, but then she starts to Meow. Soo weird


This is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life. Cat was caught barking, but then she starts to Meow. In this video you will see a cat that was caught barking. At first I thought that she was just standing at the windows hill, and a dog from the outside was actually barking. But then the person who shot the video gets closer. I still couldn’t believe. But then the cat sees the person behind her, and she starts Meowing.

How weird is that you guys? I mean she was actually barking like a real dog. Sh was barking really loud, and when she starts Meowing I get really confused. Whoever has a cat can best explain this attitude. I have no idea how can a cat bark like a dog, but apparently it is possible. To be honest with you guys i find it a little bit scary what this cat is doing. She looks really sneaky, and the fact that she stopped barking as soon as she saw the person standing behind her, makes this whole thing suspicious! For more inforamtion you can watch the video below, and tell me you pure opinion.

How do you find this cat: Is she smart for playing double, or is she weird for what she does?

Source: Familypet

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