This Cat Guided A Lost Man Down A Mountain In Switzerland


While dogs tend to get all of the credit for being the world’s best rescue animals, one cat has decided to step up and change this perception once and for all. A Reddit user by the name of sc4s2cg got lost during a trip to Switzerland as he was hiking in an abandoned town.


The man was looking over his map to see if he could find a way back to the hostel where he was staying and unfortunately, the only way back was through a trail that was already closed down. For most of us, this is where panic would set in, but this traveler was fortunate enough to make a new friend who was more than happy to help him find his way.


At the moment he realized the trail was closed, a cat showed up at his side. This kitty wasn’t merely looking for attention or treats, he was there to help. He took the man on a journey back to the valley that he came from and was even gracious enough to keep looking back to make sure that the lost tourist was following the course that he was setting.


A story like this is always bound to be received with some level of skepticism, especially on a website like Reddit. But after sc4s2cg told his story, the most incredible thing happened. Several other users responded with stories about meeting the very same cat in the very same region and even had the pictures to prove it.


Not only was the man saved by the cat, but he also got the chance to rub elbows with a local celebrity in the process. Those who find themselves lost in Switzerland need not fret, as this helpful guide cat is always on call and ready to provide assistance to people who need help getting back to the village that they are staying in.


Best of all, she did not expect anything in return from the man she helped, parting ways with him as soon as she was certain that he was safe. This selfless cat deserves all of the tummy rubs and all of the treats.

To find out more about this incredible cat and the great work that she does, be sure to watch the following video in its full entirety and take a moment share it with your closest friends and family.

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