Baby Donkey Knows Exactly How To Get Attention


Meet Sebastien! Not only is he adorable, but he shows his loving personality through and through. Sebastien is a miniature donkey from Bel’ấne Farm located in the rolling hills of France. What makes him so special is his obvious loving nature.

Normally babies of all species are curious. They want to see what’s going on in their worlds and explore. But this little donkey is particularly brave in that he boldly visits a girl on the farm and without hesitation jumps on her to share his love.

This is a donkey that has no innate trust issues with humans!

Donkeys aren’t particularly known for their overwhelming affectionate nature. Not that they are loners, but they are usually more comfortable romping with their own kind. Just think of riding down a farm road and seeing donkeys frolicking in the pasture by themselves with no human counterparts to contend with.

In particular, baby donkeys are content with staying by their mom’s sides to learn about the world and get fed. The affection they get from their mother is enough for them. The playtime they have with other donkeys fills the rest of their time up adequately.

Sebastien is different though. From the minute he met this young girl on his farm, he made it clear that human affection was his primary goal. Not only to receive it, but to give it. Just watch from the video how he snuggles up to her. You can tell that she is enamored with her furry friend and more than willing to accept his newfound friendship. She scratches behind his ears and pets him. Sebastian moves closer to make it that much easier for more affection to be piled on him.

One telling thing about Sebastien the miniature donkey is how dedicated he is. He sidles up to the girl, jumps into her lap with his front paws and stays there. His mom even comes by to make sure everything is all right. No problems though—Sebastien is clearly in good hands. Although he jumps off the girl’s lap, he still stays close by to continue his ear scratches.

Encore Echalote bébé pour Sébastien

Posted by Bel’âne on Sunday, November 8, 2015

The best thing about this video is how easily love bridges the gap between humans and animals. Although likely they two companions are going to grow up, and away from each other, for now, they are content with sharing their love with one another. It’s good to see that the divide of species is bridged by companionship.

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