Army dog reunited With Handler After Being Abandoned. Anything Is Possible!


The war in Afghanistan is terrible. Our soldiers are out there seeing and facing things that no human being should ever face. As a matter of fact, no living creature should have to witness the horrors of war. War is terrible and should not exist but, unfortunately, it does.

Luckily, our soldiers aren’t alone in Afghanistan. Some of them have their dogs with them, their pets. They love them and are loved bad, which makes everything a little better. I have never been to war but I believe it should be like a little glimpse of heaven in the middle hell a little glimpse of sunshine in the middle of the darkness.

In this video we can see Donna, a bomb sniffing dog that served in Afghanistan. She was incredibly brave throughout her service and she helped save the life of hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers by detecting bombs and help prevent them from going off. Donna is a hero.


She worked alongside her handler, Tyler Roberts. She couldn’t do it without him, and he couldn’t do it without Donna. They spent a year together in Afghanistan, together on a daily basis.

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