Amazing Invention Helps With Dog’s Separation Anxiety


There is no reason not to believe that the dogs experience separation anxiety, similar to the way humans do. One woman noticed that her rescue dog was experiencing some difficult emotions whenever she was not home. Any time that she was left alone, the separation anxiety set in. She created an amazing invention that helped to solve the problem. iCPooch is revolutionary, and certainly solves the problem. This video shows exactly how it works, and how the dog responds.The video is just under three minutes and provides you with all the details that you could ask more about this product. The video is narrated by the pet owner, and they talk about their dog, who they rescued from a shelter about five years ago. The girl explains how the family has gotten busier and busier over the last couple years, school and various other things becoming more and more demanding. This means that the dog is not getting as much attention as she is used to, and so some kind of solution needed to be explored.

The dog seemed depressed, and was often destructive when the family was not home. This was her way of acting out to show that she needed some extra attention. These are common problems of canine separation anxiety disorder.

This is when the girl decided to come up with a product that would allow her to interact with her dog from anywhere she was. She did a lot of research to see if there was a product and there wasn’t. She created a design and shared it with her parents.

It wasn’t long before several prototypes were created. The iCPooch uses your home’s WiFi. You can then use a smartphone or tablet into the device. No matter where you are, you can call up your pooch and it will auto-answer. A treat can be delivered, too. The dog can see and hear the owner, and the owner can see and hear the dog.

A final product has been developed and now they are ready to distribute all across the globe. There is a campaign on KickStarter to get the support that is needed. It’s an all or nothing campaign, so they are asking for dog lovers everywhere to watch the video, understand the product and then share with others to reach their goal to help more dogs with their separation anxiety.


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