Amazing Cat Tends To Kittens Even After Losing Leg In Tragic Chain Saw Accident


Every once in a while a story hits the news and it demands attention. These could be stories about tragedy, near-misses or in this case…heroes. Again, every once in a great while a news article that speaks so loudly about the spirit of anything that breathes air is printed and it just resonates. It is often said that the best stories aren’t the ones that are created, but are the very real things that are witnessed through the events of life. That applies here.

Notice that the verbiage ‘anything that breathes air’ was used, because this story, yes heroic and inspiring that opens a window into the spirit isn’t about humans. This hero, this source of inspiration and courage is about a cat. But this certainly is not an ordinary animal and this definitely isn’t an ordinary story.

The spirit of this mother feline is the embodiment of courage, strength and even hope. Yet it perhaps screams from the rooftops about the power of love. In this particular case, it is about how the power of love gave this cat the strength to overcome the traumatic. Gave this animal the courage to do what was unbelievable, and send a message of inspiration to everyone.

Amazing how an animal can reveal so much about what it means to be a living, breathing and loving animal on this planet. As people we often forget that the animal kingdom includes us. Where the place on that hierarchy is that each animal sits does not in any way imply that it isn’t still a vital and real part of the same world. This might be evidenced by why the story of this hero, who just happens to be a cat, has such an impact.

If motivation or passion is being sought, then this account of not only what this animal has endured, the recovery and what this mother did and continues to do afterward may be the source to feed that need. The same could be said for those seeking inspiration or courage. The hero of this story obviously has an abundance of these qualities.
Sad? Sure there is a moment when it is felt. Scary? Yes, that too. Still, it is the improbable and amazing character of this creature that overwhelms the rest of the story. It is the courage and natural instinct to love that will be remembered. Heroes are made in the heart, and sometimes come in the most unexpected ways, and packages.

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