Adorable Blind Dog Called Ray Needs A Home, Can You Help?


Forever homes are increasingly hard to come by for animals who are disabled. People can be reticent to help an animal who is in need, especially one who is suffering from a serious ailment. The story you are about to read is about a dog named Ray.
Ray is in desperate need of help and must find a forever home, so that he can finally be truly happy. He was sent to spend time with a professional dog trainer named Brittany Robinson, who is based in Arizona. His journey was originally intended to be brief, with just a short week of training in K9 Guidance to Inclusion.


After the training was completed, he was supposed to fly home to be with his owner. However, fate had another plan in store for Ray and his life would never be the same from that point forward.


What happened next will shock and sadden the reader. During Ray’s training course, Brittany received a call from his owner. She had just learned that she had very little time left to live, due to a brain tumor that was growing aggressively.


Brittany sympathized with the woman and offered her an opportunity to get her affairs in order. She told the owner not to worry about her beloved dog and promised to keep him safe and well taken care of until the remainder of her treatment was completed.

Unfortunately for Ray, his mother never recovered. She passed on to a better place in November and Ray never went back to his original home. Christopher Brauer, who is Brittany’s fiance, decided to give Ray a home for the time being.


Brittany has been working tirelessly to keep the promise that she made to Ray’s mother, but finding a forever home for an animal with Ray’s type of disability is a major challenge.

Are you interested in providing Ray with the forever home he needs and deserves? Ray was born with the gift of sight, until it was cruelly taken away by glaucoma. Since other dogs tend to be hyperactive and scare him, he will require a family that has no other dogs currently residing with them.


Ray is in need of help and Brittany Robinson is even offering to sweeten the deal, by providing free training to whoever takes him in, as well as free boarding for life. If you or any of your friends and loved ones are interested in providing a home for Ray, head to the K9 Guidance to Inclusion website and contact Brittany Robinson as soon as possible.


Be sure to share this story with your friends, so that Ray can locate a family that is willing to care for him and love him. He’s been dealt a bad hand and you have the power to change his whole life.

Ray needs your help. In fact Robinson is willing to give free training and boarding for life to whoever adopts him. If you or anyone you know is willing to adopt Ray, please contact Brittany Robinson through the K9 Guidance to Inclusion website. Please, share this with your friends.

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