Abandoned, Pregnant Dog Holds Out For A Miracle. The Reason Brought Me To Tears.


Java is a brown boxer that was abandoned by some horrible people who decided to leave her alone in the backyard when they moved out of their rental property. When she was found, she was pregnant and very close to giving birth. She was found just in time by the owner of the rental property, who says he called the renters who had seemingly abandoned her, and they lied and said they didn’t know who the dog was that was locked up in their backyard and about to give birth to puppies.

Finally, when it seemed that Java wouldn’t have a home for the night, Karen found someone that was willing to take in the poor puppy, even after hours! It was after 6 pm when the Nob Hill Animal Clinic opened their doors and agreed to take in the sweet, homeless, pregnant boxer puppy. Java had held out for so long on giving birth to these puppies because she didn’t feel safe. When the Nob Hill Animal Clinic took her in, she finally felt a sense of security around her and started giving birth to her puppies. This video does show her birthing at least one of the puppies, and a slight amount of blood, but it is very beautiful and a natural process and nothing that is disturbingly graphic or over the top. Java finally gives birth to all 9 healthy and happy puppies. The story ends very happily with everyone ending up in a home, Java and all of her 9 puppies!


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