A Trainer Paid His Elephant A Visit After 15 Years Apart. Watch What Happens When He Calls Her Name.


After fifteen years of retirement, tragedy struck. Charlie’s wife and the love of his life passed away. Charlie was heartbroken, and as we all do; Charlie began to face the facts that he was aging and he too would die one day. That is when it hit him. Charlie had to see Nita! Age, time and distance were against his reunion and he knew if he managed to get to California, he would likely never be able to return. He boarded the plane and went to San Diego. As he came to the Zoo entrance he wondered if Nita would even remember him. He had no idea if that old wives tale was true about elephants never forgetting.

He came to the habitat in which Nita lived and called her. Instantly, she perked up and immediately came to Charlie. She was obviously glad to see Charlie and the tears on his cheeks let Nita know, he felt the same.

Charlie spent some time with Nita and treated her to her favorite snack of Jelly Beans. With permission from the Zoo, Charlie instructed Nita to do her old routines. It was as if she had done them every day instead of a decade and a half ago. Nita did not miss a step and neither did Charlie. The crowd went wild and Charlie and Nita were once again young.

When the time came for Charlie to depart, he knew that it was the last time he would see his beloved friend. Charlie walked away knowing, he had placed Nita in the right place!


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