A Stray Showed Up At A Stranger’s For Help. You’ll Wanna See What Happens…


This scared stray has now been given a chance in life with this woman who helped him off the streets. This woman couldn’t afford to help the stray so she called the Vet Ranch and Dr. Matt. This friend to Piney trusted her enough to cage him and take him to the vet. See this video and how it all worked out fine.

You have to see all the quills stuck in this poor dog. There are even quills underneath his tongue. Check out this cool dog as he looks so funny with all these quills everywhere in him. Dr. Matt shows you all the different places Piney has quills in him and it is unreal. This stray dog is a real trooper as you watch him be operated on. He has so many fleas and ticks everywhere but Dr. Matt gives him a medicated bath helping to kill all these bugs.

Watch this video as you see Piney reunited with the woman who helped bring him into the Vet for treatment. See how Piney changes his attitude to trust people a lot more and becomes a nice friendly and loving dog. This is an amazing transformation as Piney goes from a wounded stray to a respected dog who now has a home. It takes some work as you see in this video but Piney cleans up good.


You have to see this cool dog with all these quills stuck in him. Thanks to the stranger who helped him through this ordeal Piney is now happy and healthy living in her home. Watch this video and you will love seeing Piney as a new dog living with his new best friend.

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