A Penguin Runs Toward The Human, But What Happens Next Is What You Want To See!


Penguins are an unusual pet for sure. Most people think of penguins as denizens of Antarctica and the Emperor penguin is usually what people think of. This little 22 second video shows that penguins are great pets and very responsive to humans.

The lady doing the filming sums it all up about this video when she says “I finally got that on tape.” She obviously has been astounded by the penguin and her husband’s relationship and wanted to share it with the world.

The little penguin is definitely as cute as can be. The bird scuttles and wobbles around flapping its wings to keep its balance. While the little bird does appear a bit awkward on a hard wood floor it does get about extremely fast.

The little bird is making a squawking noise that is normal for penguins. The man is encouraging the bird by making a human version of the bird call. The man’s version of the call is deep and throaty and funny but the little bird seems to know the man loves him because the bird scuttles over to the man as fast as it can.

The bird is anticipating a tickle. The bird gets as much tickling as the man can give it. One may be amazed that the man can keep from laughing. It is probably because the tickling episodes have happened fairly frequently.

Penguins are very social animals. They rub and caress each other instinctively. Since there are no other penguins about this little guy has adopted a human as his petting pal.

This short little video has a lot going for it that will make you want to share it with anyone that likes animals or enjoys a good laugh. It is bizarre, interesting, funny, and cute. The lady just makes the video with her comments and seems a bit taken aback that the bird and her husband have developed such an intimate and verbal relationship.

Who knew that people could talk to penguins? No one ever will believe this if you just tell them so you have to send them the video as proof that at least one man has learned how to communicate in penguin language.

The little penguin is probably interested in getting the reward of being touched and tickled like it would be in the wild. The language barrier has obviously been broken because the penguin does come running when the man starts to make his version of penguin speech.

Without a doubt, this has to be one of the strangest human and animal relationships that you will ever see. Try talking to a bird yourself and see what you get. Some people do have an affinity with birds and while the birds may not understand the words they respond to the people. You just have to see this one to believe it.



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