A Little Boy Found Out His Dog Needed To Be Put Down. His Reaction Stunned Everyone.


This little boy is a different breed, however. When a veterinarian was called in to look over the little boy’s dog, a ten year old Irish wolfhound who goes by the name of Belker, they understood the magnitude of the examination. The dog was owned by a lovely couple, Ron and Lisa and their son Shane. They were all very attached to Belker and were hoping for the best.

However, the miracle that they were seeking never came. During the veterinary exam, it was discovered that Belker had cancer. There was absolutely nothing that could be done for Belker and he would soon pass away. The vet offered to euthanize Belker at the family’s home, so that he would be able to head to doggy heaven in peace and comfort.



Is that an unbelievable reaction and response or what? So composed and intelligent. Make sure you share this with your friends.

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