A Hidden Camera Catches This Dog In The Act. So THAT’S How She Does It!


The dog continues to climb and continues to make a few trips into what we can only guess to be the living room. The video takes a little over three minutes to watch and is hilarious – and only because it’s not our kitchen that he’s making a mess out of. After a little while, you can see that the dog has gotten bored and decides to leave the kitchen alone. The owner walks in and all you hear is a frustrated groan on his part – and with good reason!

Has your dog ever made such a mess in the house? It’s a pretty big one and you probably wouldn’t want to clean it up. Who knows how much food had to be thrown away after this yellow dog made a mess of the kitchen. He probably isn’t allowed into the kitchen anymore after these shenanigans.

There are a lot of hidden camera videos out there, but this one has to be one of the best because the dog is making such a mess. We love watching him and keep wondering where the food is being hidden in the house. Hopefully the owner finds it before it spoils!


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