A Fireman Found THIS Left In The House Fire. When I Saw What It Was… Oh My.


Recently I have encountered a lot of videos like the one here. I am so glad that people are finally understanding that animal lives matter. They are just too purr, and give such an amazing contribution to the world we live in today. Whoever has a pet knows that they change our lives day after day. They make us appreciate everything more and more, and they make us understand that every single live out there matters. The reason I am saying all this is because of this hero. A fireman saves a little kitty form a house fire, and to watch how he “brings” her back to life within a few minutes is just amazing.
As you will see from the video, this fireman was walking around the house, and checking. Then suddenly he spots the little tinny kitten laying down the floor. I am guessing that she was poisoned from the toxic smoke inside the house. He grabs her and brings her back outside, where he is going to give her the first help. He puts a oxygen mask on her, and a little bit latter, he puts a little towel around her, which he first sprayed with cold water. I think that he put the towel to keep the body temperature constant.

When I watched the little kitten moving, I just couldnt hold the tears anymore. I got really touched by his gesture because he saved her life forever. She was really hopeless, but he worked wonders and brough her back to life. No better ending would be suitable for this situation. Watching the little kitten opening her tired eyes, and moving those little tiny paws was just so rewarding for the fireman. Can you see him petting her after the rescuing? that is just soo sweet don’t you guys think so?

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