Sweet tearful reunion after five long years apart. Such an amazing story


For a pet owner there is nothing sadder than the fact of losing a beloved pet. Unfortunately an Indiana family went through a situation like this. Five years ago they lost their beloved chocolate lab Chuckie. During this whole time no one was able to find out where was he, and that was really devastating for the family. But the story has a really happy ending. After five long years the family was able to get the reunion they had been dreaming of. It is really amazing to see how they found Chuckie, and where was he during this whole time. The video below shows a sweet tearful reunion after five long years apart.

The Humane Society of the United States made the reunion possible. Recently they rescued 166 dogs and cats from dire circumstances in Adams County, OH. Most of the animals were left tied outside on dirt. “Among the sick and injured dogs was a big, boisterous chocolate lab who was chained near the front of the property,” they wrote on YouTube. Furthermore they added: “As protocol, we scanned all 166 dogs and cats for a microchip and discovered that this lab had a name — Chuckie — and a family in Indiana who had been missing him for more than five years.”

Through the microchip The Humane Society of the United States contacted the family of Chuckie, and shortly they were able to bring Chuckie back home. Even though after all those years, Chuckie still remembered his beloved family. In the video below you will see the sweet reunion of the beautiful family. We can’t really say who was more exciting and happy about the reunion, but we know that this is one of the best thing that ever happened to this family recently. The Humane Society has outdone itself once more. We all should appreciate this great organization for the contribution they give to this society. Share out you guys.


Source: Littlethings

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