He sold the unwanted Christmas gift puppy on facebook. Here is how the story goes


We want to repeat once again that buying a puppy as a Christmas gift is a little bit risky. The thing is that not everyone is prepared to make the needed sacrifice of having a puppy. Getting a puppy means being responsible for another creature. People should have the time, and make the necessary effort to keep a puppy. You can’t just buy one, and wrap it up. Please make a detailed research before you decide of getting such a present for someone. Statistical data show that more pets are abandoned during the holiday season, more than any other season because of the unwanted presents people buy each-other. The same happened with the man who decided to buy a puppy for his daughter for Christmas. He sold the unwanted Christmas gift puppy on Facebook.


Luckily Elizabeth Mashburn of Lucky Pup Rescue in Greenville, South Carolina saw the post on Facebook, and decided to get the puppy. She was really angry at the post because the puppy looked malnourished and he was dangling from a leash. When she met the man he said that he got the puppy for his daughter for Christmas, but since she didn’t like it, he had to sell the puppy.

puppy1Since she wanted the puppy to be taken care of in the proper way, she got the puppy and left. Once she brought the puppy at the Lucky Pup Rescue they named him Walker. Afterwards they decided to take really good care of him. Once they felt that the puppy recovers properly, they will put him up for adoption.


The video below will best explain why getting a puppy as a Christmas gift is not a really good idea. Make smart choices, and this way everyone will be better off. Please share and let people know that getting a puppy for someone else requires a lot of research. You have to make sure that the other person has the time to take care of a little creature.

Source: Iheartdogs

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