The creature you are watching here is not what it looks like. I am spechless




Most of the things we see, are not what they appear. I am saying this because when I first saw the picture below I was shocked. Immediately I thought I was looking at some dangerous tropical snake, but I was mistaken. I can assure you that what you are going to see here, is the absolute opposite of a snake. Let me tell you what is hiding behind this scary picture:

What you are watching here seems like a poisonous snake, but it is not. What you are watching here is a caterpillar. Yes ladies and gentleman, this is a caterpillar. 


The reason it looks like a snake is because the caterpillar, just like most creatures out there, try to camouflage when they feel in danger. If they want to scare the other creatures away, they pretend to be snakes. 


Truth is, this is just a hawk moth-catrepillar. 


“When he feels threatened, this caterpillar can expand his tail, making it take on the shape of a snake’s head to scare off predators. It’s enough to fool even a human, let alone a bird or some other caterpillar hungry lout!”


Can you imagine if these animals were not able to camouflage? They would have a really difficult life because no one would be scared of them. They have to act the way they do because they have to survive. Since survival comes at a price, they have to act the way they do. It might seem scary, but it is really basic for these creatures to pretend like something they are not. 


Source: Boredomtherapy

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