11 Fun Facts about your dog’s paws. You all should know this.


Dog paws are that part of the body of the dog, we never are eager to “study” or take care about. Well it comes a point when we have to know almost everything about our furry friends. Up until today I have never known that dog’s paws are different from breed to breed. There are big and small paws, webbed paws, wide paws, and dainty paws. The following 11 fun facts about your dog’s paws are going to teach you all some interesting things, you have never heard before.

1- “The pads of your dog’s paw are largely made up of fatty tissue. That is the reason their feet don’t get cold when they’re prancing through the snow!”


2- This same padding also protects them while venturing on warmer ground and rugged landscapes.


3- Since the paddies can get harmed, irritated or blistered there is such a thing as dog booties to protect your dog’s paws. 


4- There are sweat glands on a dog’s paw.


5- Dogs carry the majority of their weight in their toes (as opposed to their heels).


6- That’s called a dewclaw, and it’s thought to be the remnant of what used to be a thumb. Fun fact: Not all dogs have them.


7- Dogs can use their dew claws to help keep things like bones and toys in their grasp as they gnaw, but vets don’t recommend you to let dogs chew on sticks like this. 


8- Some dogs still actively use their dew claws when navigating choppy, mountainous landscapes.


9- Certain dogs that were bred for cold climates, like St. Bernards, Siberian Huskies, and Newfoundlands, have wide, sprawling paws to give them a better grip on snow and ice.


10- While some breeds, like Akitas, Dobermans, and Greyhounds, have “cat feet,” which are smaller with higher arches. 


11- Natural-born swimmers have webbed feet, like Labrador Retrievers.

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Source: Iheartdogs

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