10 week old homeless puppy with a broken hip has found hope


His name is Maverick, and he is a 10 week old homeless puppy with a broken hip. One day his sister and him were found in the middle of the streets by some good humble people. Soon the puppies were sent at Vet Ranch where they would receive their first medical help. After getting checked the kind doctors at Vet Ranch found out that Maverick’s sister was all healthy. On the other hand the poor puppy was suffering from a few fractures in his hip.

The harsh homeless life has left a really dangerous and painful mark in Maverick’s body,  and the doctors want to make that disappear. Since they have no information whatsoever what happened to little Maverick, they assumet that he has been hit by a car probably. Furthermore they also assume that he has been attacked by other animals because of the numerous wounds in his body. Since the puppy was too young, the vets decided to treat his fractures with some painkillers, and antibiotics. They really thought that in just two weeks the happy puppy would be able to walk normally, and run just like every other dog.

As the video below will show; the 10 week old homeless puppy with a broken hip has found hope. He has recovered, and he is able to play and run around like his sister can. Now that the health issues has been taken care of, little Maverick is ready to go to the shelter and hopefully get adopted anytime soon. From what I saw in the video, little Maverick is such a happy puppy that wants to life a happy dog life.  We are truly hoping he will find a forever home, and a loving forever family ASAP. Please don’t forget to share the inspiring video with your loved ones.

Source: Littlethings


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