10 Reasons why Pit-Bulls are such amazing companions and pets


Everyone keeps thinking that Pit-Bulls are dangerous dogs. They think that all these dogs do is fight, bite, or attack. But the truth is, that is a big giant misunderstanding. Whoever has a Pit-Bull totally agrees that they are not dangerous, nor do they pose any threat to the others. Pit-Bulls are such amazing pets and companions if they are raised and treated the way they deserve. In the following video you will be able to find out 10 reasons why Pit-Bulls are such amazing companions and pets.

The 10 reasons why Pit-bulls are such amazing companions and pets include the following:

  1. Their commitment is of the charts
  2. Their fashion sense is impeccable
  3. They are always down to share
  4. They can put up with a heck of a lot
  5. They know how to relax
  6. They can have fun anywhere
  7. They always find new ways to impress
  8. They are really just big goofs
  9. They are far from fearless
  10. They make the best of friends

I totally agree with everything said in the video below because I have been able to pet sit a Pit-Bull (Tyson) for a week, and I can guarantee you that he was the sweetest little boy. That is the reason why I keep saying that there is not such thing as |Bad dogs, or Good dogs.| IF you raise and treat your dogs the way they should be raised, and the way they deserve to be treated, then you will get yourself a companion for life. My favorite part of the video is the final part. Watching these amazing dogs chilling with their fellas; cats, Pit-Bulls, family just melts my heart. You should really watch the video, and you should share with everyone just to prove them wrong. Pit-bulls are just as good as every other well behaved dog.

Source: Littlethings

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