10 Hilarious Signs You’re THAT Dog Parent


“Off the Leash” is a new and hilarious cartoon strip that follows the true life of a dog owner! Created by Rupert Fawcett, the cartoon takes an everyday look at what insiders already know- people love their dogs. Fawcett confirmed his devotion to the cartoon by stating that he uses his imagination and keen observations to come up with content. It seems this formula is working well for him since he has several books of the same name out. In fact, he’s releasing his third book right now!

The question comes down to whether or not you are THAT dog owner. You know…the one who is hopelessly devoted to your four-legged family member. Yes that’s right “family member”, not “dog”, not “pet”. You see your dog as a true member of the household that is sometimes more important than the humans who share the space under your roof! Your dog is king and he (or she) knows it. Oh- and so does your spouse and your family and your friends and the mailman…

Though he looks at life with dogs and its cute idiosyncrasies, Fawcett himself has two cats, Percy and Lulu. Do they get jealous at all the attention he gives to dogs? Maybe, but it won’t last. He is already planning a cat book to come out next year.

In addition, he’s supporting his feline friends with a greeting card line that also is scheduled to hit the shelves next year. Right now, he’s also focused on animating his “Off the Leash” project.

If you love dogs and love cartoons, then you’ll love Fawcett’s work. With all of his captions and his artwork he seems to ask one question of the reader: “Are you THAT type of down owner?” Here are ten things that point to you being THAT dog owner:

  1. Making up your schedule always revolves around your dog’s needs.


  1. All dogs must be treated with fairness…just like the kids!


  1. Your dog is number one; yes that means even after your spouse.


  1. Rules for your dog…um…what rules?


  1. Your dog gets his half of the bed! The spouse? Um…he can sleep elsewhere, right?


  1. Your dog always gets the softest and most comfortable places. You’ll take the floor.


  1. Therapy becomes nothing more than an in-depth discussion with your dog!


  1. Guilt = leaving your dog.


  1. Dog hair is a natural phenomenon that is a privilege.


  1. You’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure Fido is happy!



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