10 Hilarious Signs You’re THAT Dog Parent

“Off the Leash” is a new and hilarious cartoon strip that follows the true life of a dog owner! Created by Rupert Fawcett, the cartoon takes an everyday look at what insiders already know- people love their dogs. Fawcett confirmed his devotion to the

Loving Animals So Much It Hurts Is An Actual Condition

When it comes to the issue of loving an animal enough to feel physical pain, Alyssa Krieger has a unique perspective on the topic. She runs the MSPCA-Angell shelter, located in Massachusetts and sees her volunteers coming and going on a regular basis. The

20+ Of The Cutest Kittens Ever

Everyone who owns a kitten will claim that theirs is the most adorable and cuddly kitten that ever was. This is normal. It is a combination of the love that people have for their feline babies and that ability to capture an instant when